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odd shapes in virtual background


I'm in my meeting - my admin has downloaded our required virtual backgrounds.  I have used this for several months with no issues.  Today, there is a shape box in my virtual background/camera that is a box, rectangle or heart as options - and what it does is has the background (literally in the background) but the shape without the background and you can still see my room background.



I am very keen for the answer to this as well. Mine has been like this for several weeks and I can't seem to find the answer...


I had the same issue for several weeks... It happens when I join a meeting with browser.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

So, since you are connecting to the meeting with the web client, it doesn't have the same functionality as the full desktop client, and because of that, it cannot achieve the same virtual background as the desktop client. For the web client, we have a virtual mask, which functions similar to the virtual background, but obscures everything outside of a shape, rather than everything around your head, as this is much easier for web browsers to handle. We're looking into more complex virtual background options for the web client. 


You can download the full desktop Zoom client here:

It's upsetting that theres now a shape in the backgrounds. It doesn't help the lagging. It's also making a lot of people upset about that theres a shape thingy in the backgrounds now. Tbh I am upset about this too.

exactly its one of the stupidest updates ever. It looks janky and weird. if zoom doesn't fix this I'm gonna be so mad.

Thanks for the information. Since sending my message, I've learned that my wife set up a Zoom account some time back when she was teaching and we are paying $15.99/mo. for it. However, it has been a while since she used it and she does not remember the username, password, etc. How do I access it so that I can use it? I have a Zoom interview on Tuesday afternoon (5/9) and I do not want to use the web client version with the "halo" if I can avoid it. Any information that you can provide is greatly appreciated.


I don't like it very much tho.


i know it doesn't look good for you but i don't see it


Has anyone figured out the resolution to this issue? I have done everything I could and yet I cannot figure out how to get those darn shapes off. 


I strongly agree with this. I hate this new shape update. What happened to the old background filters? I really HATE this new update.