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fading audio only with Zoom (airpods connected via my Mac)


Hi all, 

In the past couple of weeks participants complained that my audio was fading in and out with Zoom. I bought new headphones, troubleshooted with Apple and have concluded the issue is exclusively with Zoom. In mentioning it to a client he and a colleague have also had this issue with Zoom in the past couple of weeks. My current workaround in dialing in for audio which has no issues. I'm working off a strong fiber wifi. 


Anyone else experiencing this or have tips on how to remediate? 




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Can you replicate the issue when performing a microphone test (with the selected headphones set for both mic and speaker) in Settings->Audio?


If so, try adjusting the background noise suppression level (also in this sub-menu) and toggling 'Automatically adjust microphone volume' to see if software processing is the culprit, rather than your hardware's raw audio into zoom.