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external microphone with voice and music at the same time

I use my zoom to teach dance classes online. I use an external microphone and the voice and music can always be heard perfectly.
Yesterday I updated the Zoom and when I gave the class, the music was very bad, cut off. Can someone guide me?
I also tried if the microphone and the music was not heard

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Take a look at these articles regarding Original Sound for Musicians.


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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen

Hello Jeff! On 2023/03/21 my Zoom updated and I got the same problem straight away👆 no music sound for clients. I use MacPro and share music from the same lap top from Advanced setting "Share sound". For 3 years everything was fine but from the last Wednesday I have troubles and can't hold online classes! Please, HELP!

None of that helps when trying to share YouTube videos.  The sound is missing / garbled and checking/unchecking those boxes does not help.  This worked when I was using Win10, but I upgraded my laptop and the new device has Win11.  The zoom app and Win11 has been a disaster.  Zoom will not help.