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dual monitors with Macbook Pro, powerpoint and screensharing


I have a Macbook Pro, connected to external monitor.

I am meeting with 10 participants.  They are displayed on my external monitor and my powerpoint presentation is on my laptop screen (in presentation mode).

When I go to 'share screen', the powerpoint presentation shows up ('presenter view' ) on my external monitor, and the powerpoint on my laptop this point, I cannot see the participants anymore.

When I quit 'share screen', I can see the participants again.

Is there a way to do the presentation so that I can view my participants while still doing the powerpoint? ('presenter view' -so I can see my notes on one screen and 'regular slide show  on the other screen) while still seeing the participants faces?

I hope that makes sense.  Thanks for your collective wisdom and problem solving!



Yes, this is achievable.  When screen sharing, your gallery view with the participants doesn't go away, but gets placed behind your prominent windows. By pressing your Expose button (F3) you'll see all your active windows and you can select the gallery and placed it where you see fit - either local or external monitor, and it shouldn't be placed back behind when you click on your Powerpoint.

It may not matter, but I think the best sequence to achieve your request is when you're in the meeting, go into presentation mode before screen sharing - this way you can assign presentation and presenter views to your local/external monitors by using the swap displays button in the top left of the presenter view screen - but also you have presentation mode as a share screen option. By doing this you may lose sight of your Zoom screen - you'll find it by Exposing (F3)


Hope this works out for you.