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copying polls from my personal room to another meeting




as I could not see poll at the bottom a newly created meeting, my IT suggested I create the polls in my personal room.

Doing so, I can see these polls are not available for the meetings I've created 😪


I 've seen (too late) that the good way would be to create a template with polls in it, and use that to schedule new meetings.

OK, but I went another route.


Because I have 10 polls already with many questions each, and each question several choices, can someone (an  administrator) copy these polls to a meeting template ? At the end these must be in a simple file somewhere, or not at all ?


Thanks for your help on this as I'm not keen on recreating all these polls.




Hi, looks like this is not possible.

I have open two windows and with cut&paste recreating the polls took time, but reasonably high.



this is a horrible deficiency of Zoom polls. Absolutely shameless. You should easily be able to copy a poll from one meeting (e.g., (class) to another. Get on it folks.

Agreed. Working with templates isn't the solution. Please Zoom, fix this.


I have a horrible experience when I found out that the poll I created in my persona room cannot be used in my scheduled meeting


We've got six meetings coming up which we want to evaluate using the same questions. I have to say I'm a bit shocked that I can't copy the poll from one meeting to another, that I have to do it six times? 

the way to proceed, so far, is to create a meeting with the polls, then make it a template and then schedule the other meetings based on this template.

Yes, I've realised how to do it now, but it would be REALLY helpful if it said this in the notes on how to create a poll. Basically if there is any chance you might want to use a poll again, you have to create a template meeting to accompany it, but you need to know this beforehand ! It seems long winded and counter intuitive to me. 

too late for that.


Zoom should be ashamed that after all this time it is like working in DOS to do these polls. I want to scream about how inconvenient and antiquated their polls are.


I retract that statement. It is like working with PUNCH CARDS from 1980!!!~!!!!!