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Adding a Zoom meeting to a occurrence in a recurring meeting - No longer possible?


Our setup - Outlook 365 desktop client with Zoom web add-in


We have a series of recurring meetings on the same day each week.

For confidentiality reasons, the Zoom meeting is added a day or two before the meeting happens. We have the appointments in our calendars, and then receive an update with the Zoom details. All future instances of that meeting do not contain any Zoom meeting details.

Our desire is to have a unique meeting ID and passcode for each meeting, and we have been able to achieve this without issue for years.


As of today (April 6th, 2023) this is not possible, when we go to add a Zoom meeting to an occurrence in this series of recurring meetings, we are given the following message:


'You cannot add a Zoom meeting to a single occurrence, Zoom meetings can only be added to all occurrences in the series.'


Has anyone else got this and found a way around it?


I've combed the settings but cannot see anything related to this warning or situation.



I see Recurring meetings have changed.  Just tried to set one up.   This does not answer the above question but as of this morning I can no longer set up a recurring meeting - I can only have a meeting be recurring for 7 days.  This means I will have to find a new platform ahhhhhh! 


Same issue here, just started in the past week or so.  Even for basic scenario of existing, recurring meeting, no longer able to change / add zoom ID for single occurrence of a series.  Was able to do this ever since we started using zoom couple years ago, until now.  


Same here - we just had an internal escalation come in for this very issue. I will be reaching out to Zoom support. Has anyone else reached out, and gotten a response? 

We haven't yet, it's being done shortly as we need this functionality within the Outlook Web add-in not via the web site, as none of our staff use this.
All meetings are setup via the full Outlook client.


Yes we have the same issue. We have a weekly meeting and the Zoom details are added per occurrence which was previously possible. We want the feature re-instated. I have logged a ticket with our Tech Team.


To add a Zoom meeting to a specific occurrence in a recurring meeting, follow these steps:

Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom web portal.
Click on the "Meetings" tab in the left-hand navigation menu.
Locate the recurring meeting that you want to add a Zoom meeting to and click on its name to open its settings.
Scroll down to the "Meeting ID" section and click on the "Edit" button next to the occurrence you want to add a Zoom meeting to.
In the "Edit Meeting" window that appears, scroll down to the "Meeting Options" section.
Under "Meeting Options", make sure that "Enable join before host" and "Mute participants upon entry" are selected if you want these settings for the Zoom meeting.
Scroll down further to the "Alternative Hosts" section and add any alternative hosts if necessary.
Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Save" to save your changes.
The Zoom meeting will now be associated with the specific occurrence of the recurring meeting you selected, and participants will be able to join the Zoom meeting at the scheduled time.



Rachel Gomez

Thank you for this I've passed this on, but our staff operate mainly via the Outlook Web add-in

This is where we need the functionality, not on the web portal.

Thanks - is there any way to still do this with the Outlook plugin? Do you know if an O365 update caused an incompatibility with Zoom, or Zoom update, may have created this issue? Or if this is a feature of the Zoom plugin that is no longer supported? 

Thanks for this info, however like the others, we use Outlook desktop and Zoom plug-in. Especially when we are on our mobile devices. This is because our meeting rooms are Zoom rooms so we need to associate Zoom to the meetings via Outlook so that the meeting room is also booked and the Zoom room can START the meeting as the host.


We create the recurring meeting in Outlook then attach Zoom per occurrence within this series. So, at the moment, this meeting series is not visible in the Zoom web portal because it doesn't have Zoom attached to it. I wanted to try the above however the Outlook meeting is not showing up in the Zoom portal.


If we were to create the meeting in the Zoom web portal instead of via Outlook, how do we then associate it to a Zoom room in our office to automatically book out the room? We will then need to JOIN the meeting rather that START the meeting in the Zoom room?


I did a test yesterday by adding Zoom to on occurrence on my mobile Outlook and it allowed me to, however when I looked in my Outlook desktop, the Zoom details are missing for that occurrence.


Agreed - good information, but we also rely on the Outlook plugin via 365.  I opened a zoom case yesterday and awaiting update.  


Got a reply from zoom support confirming a known issue.  Asked and awaiting clarity about the workaround as it does not seem to pertain to Outlook / Zoom add-in.


As I checked, this is a known issue that was reported to our Engineering team and there is no ETA yet for the fix. They advise us of the workaround, you can create a recurrence Zoom meeting first for a recurrence event, and then edit one of the occurrences, modification time, and topic. 

Was this issue ever resolved for you?