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class participants can't hear my audio/music - when I use a mixer


I have been teaching an exercise class for years on zoom, using a mixer tied in to my music, mic and computer and recently my students stopped being able to hear the music.  They could hear me through the mic, but not the music.  I bought a new mixer and that hasn't helped.  I went on the website for the mixer I bought and downloaded the drive so my computer can recognize the mixer and that still did NOT allow my students to hear the music.  

I am hoping someone might have some other ideas.....  i have tried everything I can think of, but hope someone has an answer ......



Hi I teach to music too and am having the same issue! It’s been fine for years & now they can hear me or the music but not both.  If anyone has a solution or knows why it’s suddenly changed would be great to know. 

Hi,  Have you fixed the audio problem with Zoom?  Thanks,  Peter


Carol,  Have you fixed the problem with Zoom?  Thanks,  Peter