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capital letters in passcode


When I try to type upper case letters from the passcode, Zoom immediately changes them to lower case letters.  Why is this happening?




Hello @SteveLouise,

If you are the Admin, you can visit the Admin Portal => Account Management => Account Settings then Passcode Requirements. 

It may be that the box for "Include both uppercase and lowercase characters" is not checked forcing the lowercase.

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 1.54.49 PM.png

 I hope this information is helpful!

I followed the instructions and checked "Include both upper and lower case characters" , signed out and signed back in and it still won't use upper case letter. Fortunately, I am able to log in now. I read in another thread that has been a recent glitch.  Make sure the URL shows "signin" with a lower case "s" instead of an upper case "S" https://zoom.us/signin. The problem seemed to also be using Chrome. 

I am not the Admin and cannot get into my meeting! I have never had this problem prior to today