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audio is not in sync


my audio is not in sync with my video when i save my zoom call to the cloud. It speeds up. How do i fix this? let me know please


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @willnacouzi, thank you for your contribution to the Zoom community! Our experts will get back to you with a response, but in the meantime, we encourage fellow community members to also share their knowledge and any tips on this topic!



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Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @willnacouzi 


Thanks for posting on the Zoom Community Forum! Welcome.


Typically, we see errors such as this populate if users are not up-to-date on their Zoom Client when making the recording. In turn, this may then prompt the issue you see with the audio latency within your video-recording when saving to the cloud. Please see our release notes for the Zoom Client update and our article around this.


Secondly, you may monitor for Zoom Meeting Network Latency Statistics via our article here as the meeting is going on. In turn, we recommend testing on different wi-fi networks (e.g., coffee shop vs. home network) to see if that has a positive impact on the situation too.


We hope this information helps!




You should check your mic to get the quality Audio while doing zoom meetings. I have faced the same issue but now, I have changed my Mic to get better results during my project meeting related to yumpresso .


I guess there are some questions that need to be asked before an answer can be started. Things like...

  1. What is your hardware and software setup? This should include Zoom client versions as well as bandwidth for your network and ISP.
  2. Was the audio and video in sync locally or as a monitored source... or during the initial broadcast?  - If we assume the answer is Yes, we have something to go from.
  3. You state the audio 'speeds up.' Are you saying it is compressed so that it could sound like chipmunks? Or, do you mean that the audio started before the video?  - Again, this can point to several issues either in encoding, processor load, bandwidth strain or the drive it was being recorded to was very busy at the time (this last one is less likely).  The encoding issue could be on your end or Zoom. It is most likely due to the Zoom client not being the latest version.

Overall, the more info we have that includes the hardware used, how the mic and cameras are setup and network bandwidth all play a part in matching your audio and video.

Steph has provided a link to checking that latency during your recording. It can provide many answers, but the Internet is a crazy, untamed beast still and unless you have a direct line into the Zoom servers, your signal has a good deal of router hopping to do. These can also influence things.


Just to clarify, I currently have an issue with the video lagging a good deal behind the audio. I know very well why. 6 4k cameras eating up USB ports and processor resources. The Windows box is a Gen 7 i7, 32gb RAM, 2x 2TB SSD's and a low powered NVIDIA card that's just as old, struggles. If I were to be running a 12th Gen i7 processor and an up to date video card to handle 4k better, it would be much smoother. The bandwidth on the motherboard is eaten up with all the USB traffic and I often have to exchange USB ports to free up system resources.  Luckily, our ISP bandwidth is 1gbs+ and is pretty consistent. Our interior network base is 25gbs ports with 100gbs between switches.
In many Video programs such as OBS, Streamlabs Desktop (SLOBS) and a few others, it allows you to off-set the audio and video in the encoder section before handing it off to the Zoom client. This can put a strain on your PC (Windows or Mac) and create mismatches even though you think the settings are correct. The only way to tell is to see/hear the resultant broadcast from Zoom through another viewing station (such as a cell phone or another PC on your network) with the Zoom client on it. You can see the end result of those adjustments until you can find that magic sweet spot. 
Basically, until Zoom allows us to make timing adjustments in the software to match the audio and video in a more complicated basis, we will have to resort to 3rd party solutions.

Yeah, I have to use OBS on my Mac to compensate for the late video from external cameras and early sound from the venue sound mixing system


This is an ongoing problem.  In meetings, I often need to shut it down and restart. I have now done that 3 times recording a video and all 3 times it didn't align correctly.  I am using a Macbook Pro, with a 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, Zoom is the latest version, my mic is an Electrovoice RE20 through a high-end tube preamp, and a Scarlett 2i2 for the interface.  1st time audio was delayed, 2nd and 3rd time audio was ahead. I have a Brio camera and just checked the internet speed, download 176 mbps, upload 27.6 mbps. should be no problem.  Extremely frustrating. While I am not a fan of Teams, may need to cancel my Zoom subscription, go to that for meetings, and OBS for recording my videos and podcasts.