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Zoom recording on cloud using phone


I am trying how to find out how to get better and higher quality in my Zoom recoding by using my phone. Could experts please help me to answer these questions:


1. Will there be any difference in the recording resolution (I think the default is 640 by 480) and quality if I record my Zoom meeting using a phone connection by WIFI versus 5G (will the video quality improve in higher resolution like 1280 by 720? and what about the sound quality?


2. will there be any difference in the recording resolution if I record my Zoom meeting using an iPhone 14 pro versus a Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g? I mean if the phone is better in camera quality and microphone quality, how will my recording resolution and audio quality measure up with these devices?

3. what other pro-tips you can share with me or zoom settings I can apply to make my recording higher quality and higher resolution, assuming that I have a lot of data mobile bandwidth, so it is not a problem in this aspect? 


thank you very much for your answer.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @jeraldloo ,

I hope I understand your question.
If you want the best quality of recording, you should choose one of the cloud recording options.
If you are recording from your phone, then I assume you are going to use a recording function outside of Zoom, and therefore, I can not comment exactly, but I assume the quality will be far inferior to cloud recording.

As far as comparing phones, the most important thing is a quiet background, being close to the microphone and a consistent signal.

I hope that helps


Thanks for your reply. I think you misunderstood my question. I am only using the recording function in zoom to the cloud, not the phone camera recording function, so if you have experience in using phone to do this zoom cloud recording function, then please reply my question on 5g versus wifi, and iphone 14 pro versus samsung galaxy note ultra 5g or other type of phone. Thank you