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Zoom microphone


The microphone on this Windows 10 laptop works, except when using Zoom. When using Zoom as soon as I enter a meeting it says "Failed to detect your microphone and speaker. Please make sure your devices are properly connected" ... HOWEVER, if I click on the "Test speaker and microphone" option, the speaker works perfectly fin and the microphone is recognised, albeit stutteringly !!! I find this very bizarre !!!

If you can suggest anything that may be causing this (all drivers are up to date, many, many options have been tried and tested), then please suggest it, but I suspect I need to uninstall and reinstall Zoom.

I have seen posts saying that by doing this I will NOT lose any data, but I've also seen that I should run CleanZoom but nowhere categorically states that CleanZoom will not delete my data !!!

Any help much appreciated ...

2023-09-26 08_24_04-Zoom.png2023-09-26 08_25_20-Zoom.png



I have the very same issue. It has happened multiple times. Sometimes it resolves itself after a period of time. I have tried all the online remedies and nothing works. I have to think that many other people have the same problem but zoom does not provide a way to contact anyone at zoom other than a robot that directs you to sugggestions that don't work. Maybe they don't want the additional business they would get with better customer service?