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Zoom meeting not responding


hi, I have difficulty entering the zoom meeting, every time I click join meeting I have to wait a long time for a pop up to fill in the meeting id and passcode and every time I want to turn on the camera the zoom meeting application is not responding, thank you


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @alvianerz! Is your app up-to-date? Also, how is the quality of your internet connection?

Yes, I have repeatedly installed Zoom Meeting, and my internet is fine because I have tried it on my cellphone. i think this happened since i updated windows 11, what should i do?


I’m having the same problem. I believe your app’s update has caused a lot pf problems. I’m using Windows 11 on a Dell XPS 15. No matter whether I try the freestanding app or try to open Zoom via the website through Chrome or Firefox, I get “Zoom Cloud Meeting Not Responding.” I have tried rebooting my PC, tried Uninstall/Reinstall. Nothing works. Zoom works fine on my iPad and iPhone, but I need it on PC for a training program and project coming up very soon. Help!