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Zoom keeps changing my meeting time


I have been trying to schedule several meetings for next Monday and Tuesday. I set the time in Zoom as 4pm EST and when it saves, the Outlook email pop-up for the meeting I get shows the meeting at 3pm and then the in-app schedule shows the meeting as 2pm. I am not sure if Day Light Savings is affecting this but how do I fix it? 


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee



I recommend double-checking your Outlook time setup. 

To set up your Outlook Calendar time to match Zoom meeting time, follow these steps:

  1. Open Outlook Calendar and navigate to the meeting you want to schedule or adjust.

  2. Ensure your Outlook Calendar time zone is set correctly. You can do this by clicking on "File" in the top-left corner, selecting "Options," then selecting "Calendar." Under "Time zones," make sure the correct time zone is selected.

  3. If the meeting time zone is different from your local time zone, adjust the meeting time accordingly in Outlook. For example, if the meeting is set for 4 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time), and your local time zone is Pacific Standard Time (PST), you would schedule the meeting for 1 PM PST.

  4. If the meeting time zone matches your local time zone, no adjustment is needed in Outlook.

  5. Ensure that when you schedule the Zoom meeting, you select the correct time zone. Zoom allows you to schedule meetings in different time zones, so make sure it matches the time zone you set in Outlook.


Having the same problem here: trying to schedule a meeting in Zoom for next week, Mar. 12, at 2 PM, which is after the Daylight Saving Time change in the U.S. (March 10). Once scheduled, the Zoom apps says that the meeting is happening one hour earlier (at 1PM), even though when I click "Edit," the meeting time still shows as 2 PM.


Confirmed that bob_sat's fix did not work - the time setting on the local machine, in Zoom, and in Outlook are all correct. Below is a screenshot of this happening - I did not edit the time of the meeting, just selected the meeting in Zoom and chose "Edit." 


encountering the same issue, the provided resolution did not work.


Mine has been doing this for over a week. And I have checked the time zone every time and every time it was correct to start with. 


Same problem as well. In fact, it will show up in the Meetings tab in the ZOOM App with that same hour earlier time. When I go to "edit" that meeting, I see the correct time that I originally scheduled. I have verified everything is set to the Eastern Time zone. It isn't every meeting I schedule, but it is starting to happen more frequently.