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Zoom freezing in mac ventura


My system has been very buggy since Apple upgraded to Ventura.  There are mics listed on my system that don't actually exist.  Zoom has gotten stuck on one of those mics.  Whenever I try to change the mic in the audio settings, the app freezes.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom and restarted my computer three times.  I have deleted my application data for Zoom.


Yet, each time I reinstall Zoom, it is still fixed on this mic that does not exist, rather than the one I have chosen in the system settings -- and, each time I click on that option in the audio settings to change the mic, Zoom freezes.  I can only use Zoom in my browser, which has less options than the app.



Actually, I think I fixed this by having the app uninstall itself rather than deleting it from the list of applications.  Then I was able to change the mic.