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Zoom desktop app and google SSO doesn't work


I am trying to get logged into the Zoom desktop app.  My company uses SSO via google.  When I open the desktop app, I click "keep me signed in" then click the Google icon.   Then I choose my account and log in.  That brings me to the Zoom website in Chrome.  I do not get redirected back to the desktop app.   If I go back to the app, I am not logged in there. 


Am I doing something wrong?   My last company had same setup with google SSO, and it was so nice having the zoom app. My current company does have some  Trend micro security stuff installed on my machine.


I also tried the Chrome extension, and same thing happens.  I go through the SSO login, but that doesn't change the extension, which still thinks I am not logged in.


Mac OS Big Sur, 11.6.2



I figured it out.   Don't choose Google when signing in.  Choose SSO, then input your domain.   So simple!  

thanks, looks like this bug is still present as of July 2023

made an account purely to say thanks because this was driving me absolutely crazy



I know we can use the SSO login button, but it takes a lot more typing to get into a meeting. We have Google Sign-In and SSO enabled on our Domain, and all staff can use the Google button on Windows and Apple. It's frustrating that we can't just use the Google button on Linux.