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Zoom Update Created Issues When Sharing Screen and Playing Zoom Music


Hello, I updated my Zoom account today - 6.0.0 (37205) - and found that while I was in my meeting I couldn't both share my screen and play music through the Zoom App. The App button disappeared. When I stopped sharing my screen, I could open the Music app and play, but somehow this showed to the meeting participants, they could see the music I was selecting. Please let me know how to resolve this issue, as we regularly like to play music while participants reflect on the slide content. Thank you!


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi morgandennowlh,


i have the same 6.0.0 windows client and i could share screen and play music.


i followed the support article.

Sharing background music or computer audio on Zoom


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thanks,  eliot



 Hi, Eliot. No, that did not answer my question. I had mentioned the Zoom Music App in my original message, which isn't mentioned in this article at all. I am balancing several things on my screen when presenting, and it's much more complicated to play music outside of the Zoom Music App.