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Zoom Recording Not Accessible


Hi All,


I started recording a zoom meeting which had a 40 minutes limit. I recorded it on my local computer. I wanted to continue the conversation so i ended the meeting and restarted it. Here the recorded meeting started getting converted. I started the meeting (same link) the second time and it was also getting recorded on my local computer. In between i received a prompt to select the folder to save the first converted meeting but i delayed this for later and continued the meeting (which i had activated the second time). When the meeting ended the second time, zoom prompted me that it was not converted as i had not saved the previous file. The message, however, ended with the highlight 'Recorded'. I assumed that the second one shall be lying recorded and that i shall only need to convert it. But i am unable to access the second recording anywhere - not in the local recordings page of zoom, not on my computer. Have I lost the second recording? Where can i access it? Please help! This is really urgent as it is for my research!