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Zoom Recording Fails - Crashes When I hit Stop Recording

Is anyone else having trouble with Zoom recordings? I have been recording zoom meetings and webinars for years. But the last 2 days, every time I hit "stop" on the recording, Zoom crashes. It gives no indication that anything is wrong with my internet connection or with the recording before that. I have recorded the same 7 minute meeting 6 times today. Each time it records about 1 minute of video and then the video freezes. The audio still records. There's no indication it's frozen, until I check the recording.
I do get a Text file called Xcode.error.log
It doesn't help - it says:
task 0-5.0.24c292.0512: c:\users\owner\documents\zoom\2023-10-19 13.58.15 BT (she_her)'s zoom meeting\
10/19/2023 14:07:37:913 : [Z1865]:0,622,0,622
10/19/2023 14:07:38:415 : [Z1865]:0,622,0,622
I have tried:
Cleared off space on my hard drive
Installed Zoom update
Shut down and restarted my computer
Uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom
Called Zoom support (I don't have the right account to speak to a human) and tried zoom chat bot
Any other ideas?