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Zoom Client (Version: 5.15.3 (20121)) no longer shows all my arranged meetings


I updated my MacOS zoom yesterday 10 July and used it as usual yesterday. This afternoon, I launched the client and all my already existing, repeating meetings no longer appear. Instead I see the four icons for 'New Meeting', 'Join', 'Schedule', and 'Share Screen'. If I login to my account on the website, I can see all my meetings listed there and can start a meeting and am then asked if I want to launch the client. If I do, the client launches with the meeting open.


What has happened, overnight and when my M1 MacBook Pro has been turned off?

Thank you for any thoughts and solutions.



how can they be so unprofessional !


We can just see the last meetings, we can't have the list as we had before. 


This is just stupid to have to use Zoom website to launch the right meeting into the app. 


Yes happened to me as well overnight. This is pretty frustrating and makes it now so i have to open on web browser instead of launching app. TOTALLY FRUSTRATING as i tried to start a meeting this am, then had to scramble to find it. WHY Zoom are you making it harder rather than easier. PLEASE let us use the app as we used to with a list of our recurring meetings. PLEASE


ditto - same here as of 7/11! 



The same thing happened to me as of 7/11/23.  I really need that feature back on the Desktop App as well.  Zoom, please return Recurring Meetings to us!


Same for me - totally unhelpful.  Recurring meetings with clients are still on my online account (visible on web account) but zoom app on my Mac will no longer show them. PLEASE ZOOM - SORT IT and show that you care by replying to these posts and acknowledging there is a problem. Thanks


Same here as of today, zoom app on desktop no longer showing recurring scheduled meetings. How bloody infuriating 😤


ditto - on the dot wanting to start my meeting and cannot fine the recurring alphabetical list. then finally found the list back on the web page, however not in alphabetical order, which now I need to find the name under 50 every time I want to start my meeting! - zoom support. - please fix this!!



Update the app. Close and reboot. On the right, in grey, you’ll find a button to go to the list with the recurring meetings.


Sorry Cédric, I tried what you suggested and more (already on latest version, so uninstalled it, reinstalled it, rebooted) but nothing. And the only grey button that shows is the one for my own personal meeting ID...  Will ring the technical helpline tomorrow and feed back (if there is anything to feed back with).  


I'm having the same problem - the meetings button at the top is inactive. Look forward to a fix coming soon! 



I'm experiencing the same problem. I had no issues this morning but this afternoon they were gone! I teach online classes and all my students have the link to their classes. Luckyly I have them in my Google Calendar but stil. This is so unprofessional and annoying! 😞 And I look for a solution and Zoom directs me to a bot. 


I was having the same problem today even before I updated the client. I was able to see all my recurring meetings when I logged in to the website. Then I updated my client app, and I discovered that there is a new tiny gray text on the right side of the app that says "anytime meetings >".  If I click on that I see all my recurring meetings.  I don't know if that link was there before I updated the app. I don't know if there is a link for non-recurring scheduled meetings, because I don't have any.

Thank you! that worked for me as well. Whew! But what a nuisance!!


I guess it wasn't thoroughly tested before it was released...


I am having the same problem.  I've tried  uninstall/re-install, update Zoom and OS, and restarting the computer.  I have a Basic subscription, so no access to tech support (spent 20 minutes on the phone to find that out), and the Chatbot is worthless.  At least I can still access the recurring meetings through the website, but what a pain!  Hope they'll fix it soon.



I just updated zoom (went in through the zoom app, clicked on my little ES top right hand side button, clicked on checking updates, installed update, little grey box showed up on the right hand side - click on it and it will open up the alphabetical list.  - phew it worked on my end. good luck everyone


Thanks just updated got the same thing but sticking it beneath a grey text that doesn't look like a link or action shows that Zoom needs a better UX Team...


I was as angry as you. Been hunting around for hours trying to figure it out...and I finally did. In the side panel there is a little gray "Anytime Meetings" with a drop-down arrow. Click on that and the list is below, very small. 

That did it, but I had to minimize the side panel first.  Then the "anytime meetings" thing appeared, but it wasn't there until I did that.


Zoom does not appear to employ any trained designers (i.e. qualified designers or design managers) merely 'coders'. These coders are complete neophiles, addicted to constantly fiddling and changing the interface, the purpose being to keep themselves entertained rather than support the paying customer. Interface elements shift, change, or disappear entirely at a whim. Coders have little time for customer satisfaction, lacking basic empathy and demonstrating disdain (if not contempt) for the normal user that is, you know, just trying to USE the app for the purpose they purchased it. Stability and usability come a distant third and fourth to 'neat' bells and whistles.

I brace myself every time I open Zoom, and receive regular moans and complaints from my team. One day, perhaps, a truly human-centred alternative will emerge. But that would require a level of design leadership and vision that is entirely lacking from Zoom. So we remain captive to the random whims and fancies of the coders...


I am a therapist and I rely on the recurring meeting function!!! What a surprise when I log into zoom today to connect with my client and I discover this BS!!!!!!!!! 5 minutes late for my session!!! FIX IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's fixed, see my response above. And I'm also a therapist, so I feel your frustration. Make sure you re-update to ensure you have 5.15.3, then relaunch and look in the sidebar for a TINY gray "Anytime Meetings" with a dropdown. Worst case, you can also access them via zoom browser, if you ever run into this again.

I'm a therapist too and totally feel this with you all!  Thanks for mentioning the update and where to find the Recurring Meetings.  That worked for me too.  Phew!  I miss the old arrangement though. :<  Thanks, all!



I installed update 5.15.3 (18551) and now see the recurring meetings. Different format but they are there.


Thank you so much! I just did this. But honestly Zoom should warn us about updates if they're not automatic. At least an email to let us know what to do. Especially because we're paying for a service. 

Yes, agreed!  Such a big change impacts our businesses and is NOT okay. :<  A heads up would be gracious, along with guidance on the workaround.  Peace, all!

It worked! Thanks!!!


Thank you all for the explanation - I've seen a vague reference to the grey text before but just didn't see it!  NOw realise all is (and probably was) well.  Fully agree this is not a positive step forwards for a user-friendly interface.

Like many others, also I am a therapist and rely on recurring meetings - it is all i've got!

I ended up being 20 minutes late for my meeting.  Will still ring Zoom to complain though.


dude, it's been over 16H since the crucial problem happened and there's still no hotfix being rolled. WTF are you doing zoom?


I cannot even see ANY meeting I have planned in my desktop client. 

P.S. I don't even see any "Anytime Meeting" mentioned below.



Wow - MGRO - that is bad...  I just logged an angry support ticket with Zoom.  I suggest you do the same using your screenshot.  Still, uninstalling, re-starting device, then re-installing might bring the relevant little grey box up, I think it did for me (but I'm not sure).  Best of luck.