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Zoom Account vs Zoom License


What is the difference between individual basic zoom accounts and upgrading to have 10 licenses to assign licenses? I have two staff members and all 3 of us need our own zoom personal meting ID. Can i assign those 2 as licenses and they'll have their own zoom login that won't interfere with my meetings I host if we're all hosting meetings at the same time? 


Right now all 3 of us have our own zoom accounts that i pay for. Would it be better to just upgrade my account to business which includes 10 licenses and make each of them one of the licenses and cancel their zoom accounts?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


If you subscribe to a business license for 10 licenses, you can assign paid licenses to up to 10 zoom users in your organizational account.
Personal Meeting ID is unique to each user, so it do not affect other people's meetings.
The difference from contracting individually is that users in the same organizational account can bypass the waiting room and be granted proxy scheduler privileges as internal users.
For more information on the difference between the Pro Plan and the Business Plan, please refer to the following websites.

Plans & Pricing for Zoom One | Zoom


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