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Window Size after Screen Sharing


I've had trouble with keeping my zoom window in full screen. I set my zoom window to "full screen" and when a participant shares their screen it stays in full screen mode. However when they stop screen sharing the zoom window goes out of full screen mode. 


I have tried both "full screen mode" and "maintain current size" under the "screen share" settings and regardless of what setting I have checked after the participant stops sharing their screen my zoom window goes out of full screen mode. 


Is there a setting I'm missing that can prevent this. I want my Zoom window to stay full screen for the entire meeting including while screen sharing.



Same problem. Replying in the hopes it boosts visibility. It's such a pain having to readjust the window every time there is a song or picture shared. 

I ended up finding the solution on another thread, it is a bug and will be resolved in an update in September. In the meantime you can un-install your current version of zoom and install an older version.

That makes sense - it started after the recent update didn't it. Thank you for sharing this info with me x