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Why can't some of my students see me in the speaker view


I have been using the same link and same settings for four years, but in the recent two weeks (after the newest update), several people say that they cannot see me with Speaker view (they are not permitted to switch to speaker view), while others don't have any problem. Some say they have this problem with iPad but not with iPhone. Do they need to do anything or should I do anything? 



Hi @Jlkaos10 


Seems you are the meeting host, check your Zoom meeting settings to ensure that Speaker view is enabled for participants. Navigate to your meeting settings and make sure that "Allow participants to switch to Speaker view" is enabled


Also, encourage participants experiencing the issue to check their Zoom settings to ensure that Speaker view is enabled and that they have permission to switch to Speaker view


Hope this helps - Happy to help further !!


Thank you very much and have a fantastic day!

Warm regards


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hello @Jlkaos10  Sorry for the inconvenience.  When students say they cannot see you with speaker view, Are you screen sharing or not?  If you are sharing, they should see your video tile in the left-bottom or right bottom corner. Other wise your video should be shown as in a whole screen. 
As they cannot see your video, what did they saw in the Speaker view?


Thank you!