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Where did my cloud recording go?


I just hosted a meeting and recorded it to Zoom Cloud.  At the end of the meeting I clicked leave meeting like everyone else and that was it.  I thought that was where/when I would name etc my recording.  But my recording is nowhere to be found.   What did I do wrong and can I find it ?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello! @HNrp 


Check out this link to see where the video's should be stored:


If you recorded locally, be sure to follow the guide on converting your local recordings with the desktop client.


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If you are certain that you recorded your meeting through the cloud, you should locate your cloud recording here:

Recordings started by co-hosts will only appear in the host's list of recordings in the Zoom web portal, this means that the cloud recording will always go to the original host's cloud recording tab.

Yes, I was certain I recorded the meeting to the cloud and not locally.  It's been a few months since I was a host and recording, after asking here I got an email from Zoom saying my recording was ready and where it could be found.  I panicked too soon but thanks for your help.  

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Thanks for this information, I didn't know about the host/co-host difference when it came to recording.   I did record to the cloud, but panicked too soon.  Right after asking this question I got an email from Zoom telling me where to find my video.  I thought at the end of the meeting I had to do something, like ask Zoom to save the vide, name the video, something.  Zoom did it all, did it right and without giving me a chance to screw it up.  

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

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