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Weekly recurring meeting disappeared from Upcoming


I've had a weekly recurring meeting scheduled for well over a year.  Same day of the week, same time.  My subscription is paid through May.  Today when I logged in so as to copy the invitation for an invitee, there were no meetings listed under "Upcoming."  I tried the bot, which was the most useless bot I've ever encountered.  Finally connected to an agent named "Harold," but he couldn't figure it out.  Meanwhile the time of my meeting came and went.  Finally, I just started from scratch and scheduled a new recurring meeting for the same day, same time.  But does anyone know why this happened?  It was such a waste of time (nearly an hour) and, as noted, I missed my own meeting. Thanks.



I had the same issue a couple of months ago and just had this happen to me again just now. I was viewing registrants for my event and then when I closed that window, it said 0 registrants and then my 2x/month reoccurring meeting was gone. This is very frustrating and scary as I host a very large networking event and do not have time to retrieve all of my registrants and manually re register 317 people again. I have had no luck with Zoom support of any kind as well.  


SAME ISSUES -recurring meeting set till the end of year, had participants register now everything is gone.  


The same thing happened to me -- the Zoom app updated and most of my recurring meetings are gone. 


From what I can tell, this happened with the last update. None of these meetings are available on my phone app or in the browser version. This is a major inconvenience as I use Zoom to interface with clients and now I need to recreate all of these meetings and send the information out to each client. 


At the very least, I expect a warning before Zoom deletes anything. Can someone let us know what's happened and if this is a bug or an expected change/feature?