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Warning about Zoom Bombers Jan2022


I host a meeting for anonymous members. I opened my meeting up tonight and received an email shortly after from Zoom Security. It stated that my zoom meeting information was posted on a social media website and was wondering if it was I who posted it. I was not the one who posted it. The email also gave me a link to the post. I clicked on the link, saw my meeting information, and the account that posted it.
There is a Twit on Twitter posting Meeting IDs and Passwords, in hopes to gather other people, to Bomb our meetings. This person on Twitter calls themselves The ZoomBomber Guy @MarcellusWils13 ...

I am hoping this message of concern reaches all out there to be careful and protect yourselves.


Thank you,

Pinky Stiles



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @PinkyStiles, we are deeply upset to hear about this, and we take the privacy of Zoom Meetings very seriously. Please submit a report of a violation by completing the webform at


Thank you! 


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Same here. Zoomguy105 keeps posting all our links. I guess twitter wont take it down. Will zoom sue twitter for this?