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URGENT - "Host Can Not Register" error message, even when they are not the Host.


My colleague set up a Zoom Meeting with registration attached through a calendar invite and invited several from our team and a few from our client's organization. Now no one included on that invitation can seem to register, without getting the error message saying the "Host Can Not Register". There's only one Host identified and one account being used.


She's tried signing out of her own Zoom account and trying to register but still gets the same error message. 


Has anyone else had a similar issue and might be aware of a solution?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Which e-mail address are they using in the registration form ?


You will get this error msg "Host can not register" if the person who is trying to register to the meeting uses the mail address for the meeting host , check screenshot 1 attached.


Please check this support article that covers "Scheduling a meeting with registration" ,  here.