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Video window is now too wide


I believe there I have updated Zoom in the last week or so. And now I can't shrink the width of my Zoom video windows below about 5 or 6 inches (on my MacBook Pro). 

This new feature is frustrating, as I now can't have my Zoom window open with a handful of meeting participants and see much of the rest of my screen. In the old settings, I used to be able to shrink the width of my Zoom window (and all its participants) to about 3 inches wide.


Is there a way revert to the old setting so I can shrink the width of the Zoom window more?


Zoom Moderator

Hey @jdtroisi sorry for the delay in response here! However, you've got a similar situation to this thread Re: Minimum Window Size (Latest version of Zoom, Mac) As to what you're experiencing I've reported this back to our internal teams. Updates to come. 🙂


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