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Video is distorted after Zoom upgrade


Hi.  Today Zoom upgraded when I used it.  After the upgrade the quality of the video that Zoom is capturing of me is very poor.  It is as if it is using a wide angle lens.  It does not match what my webcam is capturing - there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my webcam.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.



I also just updated but showed no change in quality. As a comparison this is what mine looked/sounded like... 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @ChrissieC 


Are you on Windows or Mac?


Trying going into your Zoom Video Settings and toggling On and Off, or Off and On, your HD and Ratio settings to see if either one makes a difference:








Hi Rupert and thanks.  I am using Microsoft and the basic (unpaid) version of Zoom.


I am not seeing a screen like the one you include.  Below you can see the Zoom home screen that I see.  I have looked through all the tabs in Settings and can't find video settings.


When I am in a meeting I either see a full screen video or a thumbnail like the one top right below.


Can you suggest anything please?


Many thanks






Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @ChrissieC 


There are two different types of settings in Zoom, in two different places.


There are the settings in your profile and account online at


And then there are setting within the client app itself on your computer.


You are looking online. The screenshot I sent you was from the client app software on your (my) computer.


This is the Home Screen of the app you should find on your computer. You can get to the local settings from there. Do you see that?









Thanks again for your swift reply Rupert.  I do not have the Zoom app downloaded to my laptop.  I only use the online link that you reference.  Do you think I need to install the app to solve the problem?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @ChrissieC 


Yes - using the client app will always give you the richest experience and access to the most features.




Hi there. I had what sounds to be the same issue with a laptop install of Zoom yesterday on an older Asus transformer machine. The self view of the webcam appeared,, stretched and distorted with washed out colours. 


I discovered that by activating low light settings (you may need to switch from auto to manual) resolved the issue for me. 


Detail of how to change this setting can be found here: for "low light".  As soon as I enabled this the picture was perfect. 





The low light adjustment worked for me too, Thanks.

This fixed my problem too. Thank you.


Thank you, it woeked for me


I am having this same problem with the distortion.  I have to use the desktop version and am unable to download the app to the laptop I use for Zoom because my security settings only allow for Microsoft product downloads.  When I click on my profile picture, which I have not selected one, no options come up to select settings.  The only settings I see are on the left of the screen under Personal.  So where do I find the Settings that contain the Video tab?

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @DeannaM suggest Upgrading Zoom to the latest version as this has been a known issue and has been fixed in the latest update. Let me know if updating helps! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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When I click on my profile picture, I don't get any kind of pop-up window with a list of any options whatsoever.  So where do I find the latest version to upgrade to?

I guess I misspoke.  I have to use Zoom directly from my Web browser, so I guess that's just the Web Client.  I can't download any kind of updates or Zoom itself on the laptop I use due to my security settings, as I mentioned above.  So Zoom needs to create a fix for those of us who join straight from our browsers.  I tried to see if there were any settings that could be adjusted on my end, and there aren't any.  I really don't want my video to be all stretched out and sort of fuzzy-looking from here on out, because I use it for work.