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Very slow connection only on Zoom (paid subscription) since latest update.


Hi.  We have been using Zoom for two years (paid version). Ever since we installed the latest update the video and audio quality has deteriorated to the extent that it is impossible to use Zoom for our meetings. We are the host and our participants are complaining that they can't hear us well as the sound keeps breaking and that our screen sharing constantly freezes. We don't use wifi to connect to ZOOM and we have a VDSL line (100 download / 10 upload) used only for Zoom. The problem is present only on Zoom, as all the other platforms we use work flawlessly. Is there a problem with your European servers (Germany)? We use powerful new computers with Logitech HD cameras.


I know that a few of my colleagues have the exact same problem and we are running out of options as this issue affects our workflow. Is there a support email address that we could possibly use? 


Thank you in advance. 



Hello dmastro,

I can see that nobody answered you about your problem, but I would like to ask you if you solved your problem.
I have posted this today

I understand it's been a few months since you posted this, but I have a very similar problem. I have contacted Zoom but it's taking too long for a solution.

If you have found a solution please tell me. 
Much appreciated!