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Upcoming Meeting Discrepancies


I took note that one of our upcoming meetings contains different start and end times than what is posted on our Outlook calendars.  I want to avoid any confusion and/or issues during the event.  Has anyone else noticed this before?  Should we delete and recreate the event to avoid any potential issues for our attendees?  Thanks in advance for your assistance. 




Today, I created a meeting in Zoom. When I "edited" the meeting, I set it to start at 1 PM and end at 2 PM. I saved it that way. When I then went to look at it in my "Upcoming" meetings, it was listed from 11 AM - 12 PM, in my Outlook calendar it was scheduled from 12 PM - 1 AM. I deleted it and created a new meeting, but the same thing happened. In between I checked my time zone settings - which were correct.

Is this similar to what you are experiencing? Did you figure out how to correct the problem?

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @jhamrick @RTILearning welcome to the community! I wanted to specifically call out @jhamrick's reply seeing that you've opened a support case with our Zoom Support team, seeing that this was a "bug", and a hot fix has been in-place in the latest version of Zoom.


With that being said, @jhamrick @RTILearning could you please attempt to update your Zoom client and re-test to see if this resolves your issue? 

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I did get the issue resolved. I had to call my IT department to help me, but I no longer have the problem I posted about. Thank you.


Yes, with the exception of the 'edit' I would agree that this is the same issue.  I have not figured the problem out and have not not had any communications or clarification from ZOOM.