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URL Link Did Not Work To Join A Meeting


When we initiate meetings, we send out a meeting ID and a code or password.


For a meeting I was to attend today, I only got a URL link.  That would not get me into the meeting.  It opened up in Safari.  When I allowed it to open up in the Zoom App, it asked for a meeting ID and passcode.  Those were not sent to me.


Apparently the others could get into the meeting with that code.


On the Mac, I was using Version: 5.15.10 (21826).  On my iPhone, I am using 5.15.5 (9303).


What went wrong?


The link looked similar to this (I truncated it for privacy):


When I hit the link, it opened me up in the browser, which was normal.  Then it asked permission to open up in the Zoom app.  

There it asked for the meeting ID and password.
The other people who attended did not need a passcode, but I did. 

Did I do something wrong?   Or did they?


I am using a Mac with the latest Zoom software.   I also tried signing on an iPhone and got the same roadblock.