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Time zone


Scheduling a meeting. Having done this many times and never had a problem. I set everything including London for the time zone and meeting to start at 9.15am. It then shows a time of 1.15 in the upcoming meeting box.  How do I get it to read 9.15am?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @BarbaraK 


Can you please provide me with some extra details:

  1. Are you scheduling the meeting through the web or Zoom app or Outlook/Google calendar)?
  2. What time zone is your computer set to?
  3. Can you also please provide a screenshot?

Thank you! 

Zoom Community Team


I need to schedule a conference event and I want to set the Time Zone to CET. Is it possible? I just see GMT time Zone.

I do not see a solution for this. I'm scheduling meetings in Google Calendar Web. My time zone is EST. When I send the invite to someone in CST it doesn't convert to their time zone despite it being set for their calendar options.  I have to change my invite to reflect CST time in order for the recipient to get it in their time zone. Is there a better solution for this?


I have a zoom account. My computer uses pacific time. Will the person in the central time zone be able to access?