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I'm a noob to being a host.  I know how to schedule a new meeting and, in doing so, how to make the new meeting into a template.  Is there a way to take an already-scheduled meeting and make it a template, or should I delete and then recreate the meeting, saving the re-creation as a template?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi there! Once you click save while scheduling a meeting, you can then scroll down and click Save as Template.


Take a look at the following article for more detailed info as well:

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Thanks, but I think I was not clear.  I first schedule the meeting as a "single," without saving it as a template.  Now, if I go back to edit the meeting, I can change the meeting settings, but there is no option then to save the meeting as a template.

I am also finding the app and the web site is in need of the button being coded in... Please update when it's there.