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Invites not going from default email account


I have two email accounts - let's call them Account A and Account B - with Account A being my default account in Outlook and the account I used to set up Zoom. As far as I am aware, no Zoom account exists under Account B.

When I create a Zoom meeting, Account B is always the email that shows by default on the invitation email, but I am able to manually change this to Account B from a drop list.

But when my invitees receive the email it says "Sent from Account A on behalf of Account B", and when they accept the invitation their response returns to my Account B inbox.

This is extremely annoying, as Account A is a business email account and Account B is a private one and I don't particularly want my business contacts knowing my private email address.

The only thing I can think of is that Account A is an IMAP account and Account B is a Microsoft Exchange account, but that may be irrelevant.