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Support for AltGraph glyphs/accents in Chat


When using zoom chat, some accented glyphs cannot be input, regardless of the user's system keyboard settings or hardware. For instance, the Alt/AltGr+i shortcut does not result in a fada í even with an "Irish" keyboard, but always results in italicizing text. It would be preferable if these shortcuts were changed to make typing input conform with system settings, en par with word processing software - where italicizing or bolding is achieved with Ctrl+i and ctrl+b, respectively. I could also imagine just treating the Alt and Alt Graph keys differently, so existing shortcuts could keep working with the Alt key, but the AltGr key would work for inputting special characters.

Another solution could be adding a toggle control to enable/disable the italics shortcut and other potential interferences in the chat options.

This issue is occurring in all English and German language settings I've tested - Umlauts do seem typable on a German QWERTZ keyboard, but not with shortcuts on an international keyboard. Would love to know if other languages have this issue as well.

This is particularly troublesome for school use, as "accented" vowels are an integral part of the Irish language, and they change both the pronunciation and meaning of words. Not being able to type a simple í/Í is very obtrusive. 



I agree with you 100%. I teach both French and Spanish using Zoom and accents are completely integral to the sense of the language. I have as yet found no way at all of representing the correct accent on Spanish vowels, even when I've changed the Chat language to Spanish. I could of course copy and paste each letter from Word, but in the middle of a lesson when I'm trying to explain vocabulary that really doesn't work. I want to be able to use the Word shortcuts (e.g. CTRL/apostrophe followed by the vowel in question) so I can just type uninterrupted. Surely it can't be that hard to implement?