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Staying Logged in on Multiple Devices


I am teaching online and have serious issues with not being able to stay logged in on more than one device. If I need to switch devices in the middle of a meeting and then start a new meeting, I don't want to have to go through the login process every time I need to switch between 2 trusted devices. What can we do here?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@PeteSwazzy The native functionality of the Zoom applications is not to allow more than 1 login of the same device type at a time. 
Reference: Can I use Zoom on multiple devices 


However, I strongly recommend reaching out to your account admin to reach out to support (or if you are an admin or owner) to see if there is anything Zoom could enable to allow this. Keep in mind that if any changes are available to be made, they would be account wide and would not be user specific. 

Contact Support 


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There are many ways that different organizations can prevent people from staying logged in on untrusted devices and allowing people to stay logged in on other devices. In fact, if I only ever used one device for Zoom, I could just stay logged in permanently. Why has Zoom organized it so that a person cannot stay logged in on 2 devices. This type of permission is available all the time for Google Accounts and many other types of accounts. What makes Zoom special in this way? It is definitely not security. Many people have valuable monetary objects connected to their Google Accounts, yet they can remain logged in on multiple devices. Am I missing something here?  

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@PeteSwazzy I fully understand your stance here on this. The decision was made to by default only allow 1 device type login at a time. However, I'm not privy to the circumstances or thought process for why this decision would be made. 

I strongly suggest having an account admin (or yourself if you are the admin) reach out to Zoom support to see if there is anything that can be enabled for your account to allow this. 

After reaching out to support on the matter, I also suggest leaving your feedback with our development team at


There are a few aspects of this issue that frustrate me.

a) Zoom literally has a button that says "keep me logged in on this device" when logging in on my phone or one of my two personal computers. It automatically logs me out of that same device if I use something else. 

b) The lack of being able to stay logged in on multiple devices is a pain point for me several times a day on Zoom. I have a device for participating in zoom meetings. I have a different device for notetaking, calendaring, and emailing. I cannot schedule a zoom without kicking myself off the platform with the device I use to participate in zoom calls.

c) When I log into Zoom to report this issue, I search the support pages to see if this is a problem anyone else is having. Turns out, it is, and the proposed solution is to contact Support and see if I can get it changed? 

Clicking on the link to "Contact Support" at the top banner of this page does literally nothing. The link points to "javascript:adaEmbed.toggle();

So I'm really not sure how to go about contacting support, in this case.


When will Zoom step up their support game and offer phone support for ALL their PAYING customers? This connectivity issues are abhorrent and never getting fixed.




Pretty important functionality, especially when users have to use a different device to run a pptx of, or to share some software screens to the participants. MS Teams does it very nice. Logging in from a 2nd device and it asks, if you want to transfer the meeting to this new device or add vice to the meeting.  


I'm having the same issue, which is very annoying. I use a desktop computer and a laptop intermittently. Every time I switch, I need to log in to Zoom again. Sooo annoying!

Of all the major communication programs I use, Zoom is the ONLY one behaving like this.

Please fix it. Thank you.


I too have a problem with this.  I am often teaching or training over Zoom and have two laptops.  Sometime, I need to switch to the other device during a Zoom meeting. Sometimes I need to bring my second device into a meeting in progress. Constantly having to log back into Zoom whenever I switch from one device to the other is bothersome and time consuming.  Please, please change it back to the way it was so that those of us who are frequent users and "power users" can adopt workflows that make sense for us. 


Also having this issue. Please fix this Zoom! It's ridiculous that paying customers can't be logged into more than one computer at a time


It' simple, just pay for another account...


+1 for being able to log in on multiple accounts - It's such a pain, every day i'm logged out when i come in to work, and same when I go home. I'm also often needing to be logged in on my ipad and computer at the same time, and It only gives me the option to switch - super unprofessional when you are trying to use the ipad to annotate during a meeting you are hosting - the point of view switches to up your nose when you are trying to sketch with an I-pad! Please Please Please allow for multiple logins!