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Zoom Share Screen lagging and high cpu usage on Linux


As the name suggests, I have been running into issues with using Zoom on Linux. I have tried it both on FedoraOS and Linux Mint and keep having the same issue where when I share my screen, it will be extremely laggy and when I check my system monitor, it shows a high amount of cpu usage. I have tried using Zoom through the browser and my cpu usage does seem to be more stable on that but on the desktop app it is nearly unusable. I am not sure if anyone has found a work around to this or has informed Zoom about this issue. I am using the latest Zoom version and it doesn't matter if I install it through Gnome or CLI. And I have tried it on multiple devices. One being a laptop with a Ryzen 7840u and my desktop with a Ryzen 9 5900x so I know my cpu shouldn't be bottle necking it.



Hi rachelallen1310,


I have the same problem with gnome (ubuntu 20.4). When sceen sharing it starts to lag extremely. It gets a little better when the "Animation off" setting is configured under gnome. The problem occurs when starting an application, as a new window is opened here, which is then displayed during screen sharing. Then the only thing that helps is to end the screen sharing and restart it.

With the newer versions of zoom, the stuttering during screen sharing under Linux has not improved. The problem has existed since the beginning of Zoom under Linux.

Here is an article about the function of the gnome "animations":

I hope it helps. Nevertheless, I believe that zoom could solve the problem if they want to solve it.




Yeah, zoom has been a problem on Linux. Aside from major performance issues it also crashes during meetings. I have since moved to Macos but all my colleagues in Linux are handicapped since we use zoom for all our meetings now.