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Some sounds could not be heard during screen sharing


Hi, I had a very weird problem. 

I have a couple of video clips in my presentation (in MS Powerpoint). I tested sharing screen  (the 'share computer sound' and 'optimize for video clips' were both checked), and some of the sounds could not be heard by the audience.

The problem is specific to my Lenovo laptop (I've tried sharing it from another computer, which worked just fine). I also tried playing the sound directly from another audio player, it also worked fine. So I'm guess it's the problem with MS Powerpoint? It's weird that some sounds could be shared, some couldn't, although all sounds were playable from my laptop.

I've updated everything I could. Does anyone have ideas about the potential cause?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @yguo29 

Hard to say what the issue is, but since you did narrow it down to just your computer, you might try checking for audio driver updates for your laptop. An outdated audio driver could explain the inconsistent behavior.  You can find the right drivers from the Lenovo support site directly

Thanks!  Updates the drivers… didn't work

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Have you tested turning ON/OFF "Original Sound" while playing these video clips on your Lenovo laptop? You also might try turning ON/OFF the "Echo Cancellation" option that is available under "Original Sound" settings. And if you happen to be using speakers on your computer instead of earbuds/headphones then you may try eliminating the speakers during your test.

Just some thoughts on things to try.



Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen


Ok now the problem is narrowed down to video format. 


The videos whose sound could not be shared are avi files. I can't even share the sound when playing them with a default app in Windows. However it could be shared when played with VLC player. 

Now I can try to convert everything to mpg. But it's weird why avi sounds can't share in Powerpoint/default player...