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Share audio and simultaneously play over Sonos speakers


Hi everyone,


I run a yoga studio, and we have a great Zoom community. We Livestream our classes. I'm trying to set it up so that the music I play over the speakers in the studio room also plays for the Zoom students at the same time. It seems like can only accomplish one or the other - I can share computer audio with the computer being the source or I can play on my wireless speakers. 


I know it's possible, but I'm missing a step. Any advice would be great!



How are you connecting audio to the speakers? Audio cable? You could use a program like VLC to play the music simultaneously, change the audio device settings to your audio jack (realtek, speaker out, etc) in VLC's audio settings. What program are you using to play the music currently? You should be able to change the audio device source in zoom independently as well.

This guide allows you to listen to the same source as what you're inputting:

VMware is an open sourced 3rd party solution that can be difficult a bit difficult to use but allows you to independently map each I/O with ease.

Or have another computer on the zoom call, <MUTE ITS MIC>, plug in audio output from that phone/laptop directly into mixer or speaker, using adapters where necessary. Don't skimp on cables. Good luck! 



You can also plug in a URL of your livestream in VLC.