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Audio sounds horrible


I am at my wits end.  I teach Fitness classes on zoom,  I use the Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface to connect my music and headset to zoom.  I have been doing this since 2020 with amazing sound.  Since November - the music started to go in and out on zoom - but it sounds AMAZING in my studio.  I use Sonos speakers in the studio - and what the class on zoom hears was the same as what the students hear.   But suddenly it sounded like garbage on zoom. It will go in and out - and when I start moving, the music completely will go out and you can only hear my microphone.  But NOTHING CHANGED.  So I thought maybe the USB cable needed replacing.  That changed nothing.  I used A brand new laptop.  Nothing.  I replaced The Focusrite and the cables connecting it.  NOTHING.  What else could it be?  My settings are correct in zoom.  I have lost subscribers to my classes because they can’t follow me without music because I teach SPINNING and Spin Circuit and you need to hear the music.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Can anyone suggest ANYTHING?



I wanted To reiterate that the music sounds amazing in the room - and that I am using a sennheiser headset mic that connects to the audio interface.  Everything sounds crisp and clear in the studio.  But the music on zoom is choppy and going in and out.

check your zoom app audio settings again


do you have  "Original sound for musicians" active ?

open zoom app -> settings -> Audio -> Audio Profile -> "Original sound for musicians"

That's on yes.  In fact whenever I start a meeting I double check. When it's off - the music doesn't come through at all - when it's on - it's very in and out!


For what's it worth, I'm having the same issue. I have the Focusrite and a nice external mic. It all worked throughout the pandemic and now it's suddenly not working and causing all kinds of robotic feedback to the listeners.  I was contemplating the same actions you described, but I tried it on my MAC laptop and it worked, whereas the desktop is what's giving me the problem.

I have used it on my Mac laptop. I have used it on my iPad. I don't understand - it's happened since November!  Prior to that the audio was amazing - and from browsing in here it seems that it's happening to several people.  I am So frustrated because I've paid audio companies to come in and check my equipment and it's perfect.  My settings are perfect.  They ALL say it has to be within zoom.  I have an open ticket with zoom and when the tech guy asked me if I had Deleted and reinstalled the app I wanted To scream.  Seriously?!?  Of COURSE I have.  I've also unplugged and plugged it back in.  Let's move past the basics zoom!  Sorry this is happening to you too.  Glad you got it to work somehow!

If it still worked until last november, you can try installing an old version of zoom mac client.

You should ask the support if they give you e.g. the mac installer for version 5.13.7 (Oct 26th, 2022)


Also having similar problems zooming church services which have been absolutely fine up until recently.  Speech is fine but music just isn't picked up.

exact same issue here.

I'm guessing Original Sound (OS) is selected under settings.  One thing to note is that even when OS is selected, it is OFF by default.  You have to manually enable it every time you start a Zoom session by clicking on the text until it says "ON".  This occurred after an update late 2022/early 2023 and it caused havoc in some user communities (musicians specifically).  There are threads discussing this very issue.  Check if it is "OFF" (see the attached example).  Took me a while to realize this myself.


Same problesm also with the setting Original for musicians 


I posted a similar issue on the board. I wonder if we’re experiencing the same issue. Which version of macOS are you using? I have noticed that Zoom no longer plays nice with Catalina (not sure if is due to an update from Apple or Zoom).  However the latest macOS (Ventura) does allow me to use my Scarlett on Zoom with no audio issues.