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Settings: Any way to change the week-start to Monday instead of Sunday on the zoom pop-up calendar?


I am trying to set up meetings and the pop-up calendar weeks start on Sundays. My brain is having trouble translating it and I am concerned about sending mistaken dates to guests. Anyone know if there is a option under settings for this? I can't find it in the usual places.


I searched the web/reddit/quora and can't find an answer to this one. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Unfortunately, there is no way to change that default. 


If you would like to submit any product feedback, I encourage you to visit our Zoom Feedback form, which is the official way to share any feedback or feature requests with the Zoom team. Thanks!

Bort, can you please champion this with us? I don't know of other software that forces Sunday as a start day. I just sent a wrong date to a client. It is very unintuitive. And, yes, I will go through the motions of sending feedback into the well. But, please, as a human, advocate for us. 

That's absurde. People using Zoom in many countries and not to find "week starts at Monday" option is more than frustrating.

How can this not have been implemented 18 months later? It's nuts. Nobody thinks the working week starts on a Sunday FFS.

This is kinda of nuts, but at least you saved me time breaking my head attempting to find the solution. lol. 🙏

Since this thread is the first result Google returns for "change first day of week zoom", I guess I'll sadly heap this comment onto the pile of hopeless pleas for sweet release from this ridiculous standard.


I have already sent wrong dates, twice. The ability to change the start day to Monday should be considered a universal human right, IMHO

Lol.  🤦🏻‍♀️


This just happened to me, too. I accidentally set up a meeting for Monday instead of Tuesday. I am unclear why it's not a simple thing to change the starting day of the week in the Zoom calendar interface.

It's lazy devs fault and poor improvement service for a Zoom platform as a product. Considering to switch to another product as well.


Is anyone from Zoom listening?

EVERY calendar used in business and almost all calendars in the entire world start their week on a MONDAY so this causes sooooooo much accidental scheduling of meetings to the wrong day, not to mention being just plain weird

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer




Although this community forum is useful, the best way to get traction on an issue is through Zoom's official feedback process.

"Zoom welcomes your ideas, requests or comments about Zoom".

Submit your feature request or complaints here;  


If my reply helped, don't forget to click the accept as solution button!

This issue was raised 2 years ago, and it's not fixed until now, you gotta be kidding.  Frank, since you're the Champion Customer, and know your way around how to get results, could you please help us getting this issue sorted 2 years after?  Are you not using the Scheduler?  Are you ok with the week starting on Sunday?

This is a link to a page about “Sending feedback to Zoom” which sent me round in circles. Where is the *actual* feedback form?

Having read the thread thus far, I don’t think Zoom cares. But, hey, it’s free and you get what you pay for!

Zoom Scheduler is not free. And my subscription is not free. Its seems like Zoom has way to go to become data-driven.  Zoom is busy catching the trend by introducing AI Assistant, which in my opinion is useless.... Instead of focusing on our queries for their product development guidance. It's mot rocket science to parse the Community and identify issues. 


This is the single most needed/required update to Zoom.  You must add the ability to set the first day of week as Monday.  It is absurd that you cannot set the calendar to the default as used by the whole planet.


I have sent incorrectly dated invitations on multiple occasion due to this poor feature.  I've grown tired of seeing more useless Zoom apps being introduced (that I will never use) when I'm a paying customer and just want a calendar like every other software developer offers.



Totally agree with previous posters. Just sent a business meeting proposal for Sunday, embarrassing. Enable option to start week at monday NOW PLEASE. Should be so easy to fix. 



+1 to previous posts, it works in the app/desktop client (and with virtually all the other software out there), so it should be a low-hanging fruit for you guys.


And please you should consider fixing the feedback mechanism as well 😄 (from official to real feedback)



Please enable this! I again set up a meeting incorrectly. For non-US users it is detrimental as our calendars start on a Monday


really stupid, as most users are not from US

And even in the States there are people who prefer ISO 8601 date & time formats.