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Setting Zoom Meeting to specifically 25 and 50 minutes


Hey so we wanted to implement a new system in our company. We wanted to install 25 minute meetings instead of 30 and 50 minutes instead of 60 minutes and we are wondering if there is anything which zoom does to allow for us to set it up as a manual process or can zoom install that for our specific company email? 


Many thanks 



Hi!  This would depend entirely on how you're scheduling the meetings as to the 'how', but when scheduling, you should be able to set any time you want. 

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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @DD-GS ... here's my take on your question.


If Zoom shut down meetings at the end of a meeting, then you'd probably see a finer granularity on the lengths.  But it's just a placeholder for a meeting length to Zoom.  You can end a 30 minute meeting in 1 minute, or in 29 hours (there's a 30 hour limit on paid accounts).  So just my opinion as a volunteer here in the Zoom Community: it's probably not something important to the vast majority of users.  But if it was important to enough people, Zoom might consider it.


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