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Send 'pinned message' to all Waiting Room joiners


I need to place a 'pinned message' that will be sent to all new joiners to a Waiting Room.

No, I don't want to modify the waiting room text;

No, I don't want to send a message to people have already joined;

I want people to see a new message (varies by each and every meeting) when they enter the Waiting Room.

Looking forward to the communities ideas!



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @IR99 ,


At this time, the only way would be to post a message in the waiting for everyone to see as outlined here. Appreciate it if you can also send your great idea of having a different pinned message that varies by each and every meeting via our Zoom Feedback Feature.

"Challenges help us grow, try and learn new things, welcome constructive feedback, embrace uncertainty, and always assume the best intentions, especially with our teammates." - from a respected leader


So, despite me being very specific about not wanting the 'if they are are already in the waiting room they will get the message you *send*" you direct me to exactly that! 
ho hum, only to be expected I suppose.