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Screen goes black in middle of meeting


Can anyone explain why my screen goes black at random times during some Zoom meetings? The sound stays on for a few minutes & I think the others in the meeting can still see me, but then it goes completely dead and I'm logged out of my computer. I have to re-log into my computer to get back into the meeting.

This happens quite randomly - sometimes after only about 10 minutes into the meeting; sometimes 30-40 minutes, sometimes never. I've checked all my computer settings, and it's set not to go to sleep for one hour, so I'm pretty sure it's not the computer settings. I can't find any settings in Zoom that could be causing this.


Hi @Alami1906 


Does this happen with a typical amount of participants - or before or after someone screen-shares in the meeting?


Is your Zoom software fully up to date?



Thanks @Rupert 

It happens with a normal number of participants - it's a live Pilates class with around 5-6 people. It happens every single week, but nobody else in the class has this issue! The screen goes black & I can still hear the class going on, so I jab the screen a few times (I'm using a Surface Pro), then it logs me out completely. I will check the software update link! Thanks.


I have this problem also and I do not know how to fix it . 


I have a similar issue...During a meeting, if I get a phone call, my computer screen changes from host with a gallery view of my invitees to a non-zoom screen. I can hear everyone, and they can still see and hear me -- BUT I can't see them, nor can I return to the meeting screen. This is a BIG problem. What is happening?