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Scheduling a meeting at a particular time


Hello All,


I'm trying to set up a meeting from 2:45 to 4pm but it automatically resent to 2;30 pm. How can I choose the correct time? Also, can I change from 12h to 24h clock? Thanks



Hi, Apolina_Fos

You can type it directly from the keyboard instead of using the drop-down list.




You can change to a 24-hour clock in your personal profile



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 Best Regards.


Thanks, Ohkawa. I managed to change to 24h clock.


However, when I type 14:45 for the start of the meeting, it automatically changes to 14:30

Hi,  Apolina_Fos

I have been unable to reproduce the incident.

Sorry, I don't know how to deal with it.

Community Champion

Hi @Apolina_Fos 

It is possible to schedule a meeting for that exact time, but its a little tricky to do. Try typing in the exact time, and clicking on that same time when it appears in the dropdown menu below. 

If you cannot get it to work properly, that's ok too. You can schedule the meeting for 2:30, and start it at 2:45 without any issues from Zoom. We will not end your meeting early or have any issues with you starting your meeting earlier than the scheduled start time. 


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this is not helpful. is the problem that you have to upgrade to get 11:45 as an option?

Community Champion

There is no need to upgrade, but Zoom will not provide that option unless you have typed in the exact time you want.