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Scheduling Privilege and editing meeting occurrences to modify alternative host


We have a scenario where a user has scheduling privileges over all of our faculty.  All classes are scheduled with the reoccurrence for the semester.  Typically, two Zoom Rooms are booked as alternative hosts.  Sometimes we need to move the rooms (if a room is down or a professor needs to change rooms).  If I edit a specific occurrence, I can't modify alternative hosts since it is greyed out.  The only way is to edit all occurrences but this requires the user to return and fix it after each class.  How can we modify a single occurrence to change the Zoom Rooms involved in the call without modifying all occurrences?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @UCGuru welcome to the community and thanks for your discussion! I believe I understand your scenario here as I try to visualize your setup; if the alternative host is attempting to edit one occurence, that is an unforturnelty limitation; stated within the KB Designating an alternative host under "Alternative host limitations"

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Understood.  I wish there were a way for a feature request here.  I support a University distance learning system over Zoom.  We have needs that on a specific date, I would want to modify that occurrence to add a third Zoom room since they will be guest lecturing, and it creates more work to edit all occurrences and then go back in after the occurrence and delete the additional Zoom room  so they don't join future occurrences.  I used to managed Cisco TMS and you could completely edit the endpoints in a specific occurence.