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Removing participant from recurring meetings


I send out invites for recurring meetings, and on occasion, someone will ask to be removed from the invite list.  The problem is that the invites are addressed to a distribution group of about 200 people. 

(1) Is there a way to remove someone without having to update the recurring invite to everyone on the distro?   What if I only sent the invite to the hosts then forwarded the invite to the distro list?  But then if I do that, and later down the road, I have to change the date on one of the invites, will I have to forward to everyone again or will it automatically go to everyone that the invite was already forwarded to? Is there an easier, cleaner way to do this?

(2) When the invites do go out, we get quite a few "out of office" replies.  Is there a way to disable these?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @vickiatc welcome to the community! I have a few questions before we get into how we can make this happen for you. First, would you mind telling me how you schedule these meetings and where you are attempting to edit your invitation? This will help me understand the functionality of the scheduling methods you are using.

Zoom Community Moderator

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