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Record audio when scheduling meeting from Zoom desktop shortcut


We have many users that use the same licensed Zoom accounts. A lot of them record their Zoom sessions. But for regular meetings, video recording isn't needed, just audio. 


I know you can change the settings to record just audio but only if you login to However, that's not how our users schedule meetings. They use the Zoom shortcut on their desktops.  And I know if someone were to change that setting by logging into to record audio only, the next person that wants to record video will not know to check, will only get audio recorded, and not be happy. 


When they are scheduling a meeting using the Zoom desktop shortcut, is there any way to set what is to record when they hit record when the meeting starts?  Right now, all our licensed accounts record video, audio, and chat.  Video recordings take up a lot of unnecessary storage space. 


If it is not currently possible to change the record settings from the Zoom desktop shortcut, I would like rto equest that modificaton to the application, please.