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Recipient Invitation Displays Unexpected Time Zone (though the time slot is correct)


Greetings, I've seen posts similar to this but no solutions(!). For my group of Zoom users, we & all our devices--computers & phones--are in the Mountain Time Zone.  Our team lead's Zoom settings appear to be configured correctly.  When creating an invitation, Mountain Time is displayed--I have confirmed that everything looks right on her end.  However, several of us recipients receive the invitation displayed in Eastern time.  The Invitation shows up in the expected time slot, but it's the display that confuses people.  Several people have consequently missed meetings.  To minimize confusion, we must jump through hoops sending separate messages confirming the actual start time.  


FWIW, the usual sender is initiating the invitations through gmail on a Mac.  The aberrant time zone display appears both on MS Outlook on Win10 & iOS Mail on the iPhone (see attachments).  


Thanks for your help!

Jimmy May, AspiringGeek


Community Champion

Hello AspiringGeek!


Let's isolate this issue:


-Can you find out if the meeting is being listed on with the correct date/time/timezone? 


-Can you see if this applies to any of the google calendar users:



-for the outlook users: