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Pre-registering guests vs. Adding specific emails in ticketing


I would like to set up registration for 3 different tickets - Free Admission, Early Bird Admission, and General Admission (not clickable until certain date).

  • Ticket 1 (Free Admission) would be free for our VIPs, but can see all ticket options.
  • Ticket 2 (Early Bird) would only see Early Bird Admission and General Admission.
  • Ticket 3 (General Admission) would only see General Admission after Early Bird deadline has passed. 

Only a specific group of people should be able to view and register for Ticket 1 (Free Admission). I have a list of emails I can upload via CSV file for this ticket. So far, pre-registering guests for a ticket does not work because ANY guest can still see Free Admission and register - tested and confirmed by non-VIP email! 

The only method was to lock this ticket type to "Only specified users will have access to this ticket type" and add specific emails in that section of Ticketing. Once an email is added here, the recipient will automatically receive this invitation to register for Free Admission. If they miss this email notification or it ends up in spam, are we able to resend an invitation to these people. This is an option in pre-registration, but does not seem to be an option with specified users under this ticket. How can we manage these registrants?


Thank you in advance!